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Cisco Service Provider Mobility CDMA to LTE Specialist

体彩快乐扑克3直播 www.1sj4.com.cn The Cisco Service Provider Mobility CDMA to LTE Specialist certification validates a Service Provider Network engineer's knowledge and skills required to understand technologies, components, architectures, and products that are found in Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) packet core networks, specifically in the migration to Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Evolved Packet Systems (EPS), including Evolved Packet Core (EPC) networks and radio access networks (RANs).



No prerequisites


Exams & Recommended Training


Required Exam(s)

Recommended Training

600-211 SPCDMA Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobility CDMA Networks (SPCDMA)
600-212 SPLTE Implementing Cisco Service Provider Mobility LTE Networks (SPLTE)


Cisco Service Provider Mobility CDMA to LTE Specialist

Cisco Specialist certifications are valid for two years. To recertify, pass ONE of the following before the certification expiration date:


  • Pass the current required exam(s), or
  • Pass the current CCIE written exam, or
  • Pass the current CCDE written exam, or current CCDE Practical Exam
  • Pass the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) interview AND the CCAr board review


For more information, access the Cisco About Recertification page


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Cisco Press

A variety of Cisco Press titles may be available for this exam. These titles can be purchased directly from Cisco Press.

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