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Network Consulting Engineer,思科认证优先,大连

创建于: 2014-10-31 15:37:57          
Purpose of Role:
The role holder provides Network Consultancy, Implementation and Support professional services to our major client's operations. Activities will include in-depth analysis, deployment, support and consultancy.
Key Responsibilities:
§  To support on aspects of WAN/LAN Networking or IPT or Security and Date Center  technology domain from requirements capture/definition through customer. 
§  To interpret client needs, assess the full requirements, and identify suitable solutions.
§  To support on the service delivery and network solution implementation. 
§  To provide support and troubleshooting service for the network infrastructure related incidents and problems
§  Typically engineering/science degree.  
§  Typically hold professional level industry certifications. E.g. Cisco CCNP, Juniper JNCIS etc.
§  Typically familiar with Cisco devices.
§  Typically have 3+ years of industry experience in WAN/LAN Networking or IPT or Security or DCN technology domain
§  Experienced and fully competent in configuring & troubleshooting Cisco routers, Switches. Strong knowledge in Routing & Switching(include TCP/IP, OSPF/BGP, QoS etc.) or Voice over IP or DCN & Security(include DCN, VPN etc.)
§  Completes own role independently and with minimal supervision.
§  Can interpret client needs, assess the full requirements and identify solutions to non-standard tasks/queries.
§  Able to manage own time to meet agreed targets, and to develop plans for specific work activities in own area over the short-term, including forecasting resource requirements.  
§  Good team player
§  Possess good communication skills in written and spoken Mandarin ,Korean and English.
§  2 to 3 years experiences on network technical support
§  Should be a plus if serviced at system integration company as post-sales engineer role.
§  Should be a plus if familiar with banking network
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